After School Club

A place where your children can come to play after school

We provide a friendly, stimulating and safe environment where your child can have fun with their friends. We encourage children to be playful in lots of different ways offering a range of indoor and outdoor activities, with the children choosing what they want to do, including arts & crafts, organised games, cooking, board games, sports activities, reading, dressing up & creative play... and there's always space to chill out and relax.

High quality play

With the increasing amount of research about children’s play has come a greater understanding of the benefits of high quality play experiences for children and young people. There is an increased emphasis on playing for its own sake and the recognition that it is a main contributor in a child’s neurological development. It also enables the development of skills essential to a child’s physical and mental well-being. There is now recognition that, as children and young people develop, their different needs will be reflected in their play.

We offer an After School Club Service at the following settings:

Play is the fundamental way that children enjoy their childhood

It is essential to their quality of life as children. The value of play that is freely chosen and involves risks and challenges is increasingly acknowledged.

  • Play is fun: it is how children enjoy themselves
  • Play promotes children’s development, learning, imagination, creativity and independence
  • Play can help keep children healthy and active
  • Play allows children to experience and encounter boundaries, learning to access and manage risk in their lives; both physical and social
  • Play helps children to understand the people and places in their lives, learn about their environment and develop their sense of community
  • Play allows children to find out about themselves, their abilities, their interests and the contribution they make
  • Play can be therapeutic. It helps children to deal with difficult or painful circumstances such as emotional stress or medical treatment
  • Play can be a way of building and maintaining important relationships with friends, carers and family members