Outside Play

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So much has been happening outside over the last few weeks, we had a trip to the park, there was loads of cooking in the mud kitchen and we had

Happy Hatchlings Is Back

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Our Toddler Group is back! It has moved to Redmarley Village Hall and is now on a Wednesday. Maybe we’ll see a few of you there? Please do spread the

Husky Puppies

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We love ‘understanding the world’ when it means we can meet these gorgeous creatures. Thank you Zara for bringing your new puppies in to Dymock setting to meet the children.

Happy Turtles Redmarley

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We have a new nursery opening in September at Redmarley Village Hall. Please feel free to spread the word. It will be open 8am-6pm Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, term-time only.

Swim Picnic

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A long-standing tradition at Dymock at the end of our year is to have a ‘Swim & Picnic’ Party, using a great school resource – the swimming pool. The weather

The Next Generation

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A high priority for Happy Turtles is ‘love & nurture’ and one of the ways we do this is by supporting and training young people who are considering working with

Outside Play

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As you can imagine all our play and learning has been outside over the last couple of weeks. Now, don’t get me wrong playing indoors is great but playing outdoors

Trip To The Garden Centre

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Just before half term we went on a trip to 3 Shires Garden Centre. As always, we went on the bus and had some added excitement when we were getting

Gruffalo Woods

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Because we’ve had some dryer weather the children have been able to make the most of our Gruffalo Woods. They run around the rear side of the nursery and offer

Hammer & Nails

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We do have ‘toy’ hammer and nails in nursery but we definitely got a lot more engagement from all the children when given the opportunity to use the real thing!