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I went on a course this week with two other members of staff to learn more about schemas and we were all blown away by how much we gained from

A Model for Living – Sleep

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How do you feel when you haven’t had enough sleep, or your bedtime routine has been disrupted? Grumpy, irritable, unable to concentrate? How about when this continues over several consecutive

I Do Love a Hug!

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My children are now 15 and 14 and so by teenage self-consciousness kisses from mum are pretty much out of the question now. However, I do still manage to get

Literacy Matters

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…so, make sure your children are immersed in rich language   “The more and the richer the language children hear and acquire, the greater their success in our literate world.”***

A Real Learning Experience

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So, here’s the thing, children are born ready, able and eager to learn. All we must do is provide positive relationships and enable their environments – they really will do

Growth Vs Fixed Mindsets

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So often over my 15 years of being a parent I’ve heard myself saying “keep trying” and “you will get better with practice” while my children huff and puff at

The Benefits of Dressing Up

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One of the joys of childhood is being able to dress up in ridiculous outfits and pretend to be someone else. Dressing up is not only great fun for children,

A Parent’s Guide to…NUMBERS

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Introducing young children to the concept of numbers should be easy and entertaining. One of the concepts you child will need to learn about is numbers. The good news is

Give guilt the heave-ho!

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So, it’s not always being easy being a mum! In fact, let’s face it, there are few roles in life that present with quite so many emotional and practical challenges