Supporting The Local Community

First and foremost we are here to provide safe, secure and fulfilling childcare for your child by a qualified and caring team. But the support we can provide goes further than that.

With the right childcare in place you are free to take up work, education and training opportunities. You'd be surprised at how much more effective you can be at work when you've got the peace of mind that your child is being cared for.

Our aim to always recruit locally means that Happy Turtles is bringing new employment and training for local people. We may not be the biggest of enterprises but we are doing our bit for local economic development. This is at the heart of how this business is run as we will always look locally for products and services that we need to buy.

So, by meeting the needs of the children, Happy Turtles will always contribute to the local economy, improve the quality of life of local families and play our part in the promotion of our community.