Our Approach


... with the children

We want your children to be Happy Turtles and we want to provide a place where they create lasting memories. We see that as a big responsibility. The way we interact with your children will always be nurturing and encouraging. We will always be trustworthy in their eyes and consistent too. We'll provide boundaries for them so they won't just be safe, they will always feel safe too. All the while we'll be concentrating on their early years development.


... with businesses

We will be professional and honest in all our business relationships and we think it's important to keep things simple.

... with parents

We want a "grown up" relationship with you grown-ups. We'll listen and respond to everything you've got to say. When we say you should think of us as part of your extended family, we really mean it. We're here to help.

... with our community

We want to play a vital support role in our community. Childcare provides all sorts of opportunities; for parents, for their children and for our team. We'll always seek to involve the community in everything we do and in the process, we hope to help make everyone's lives just a little bit better.