About Us

Brother and sister playing together in a field

Happy Turtles provides invaluable pre-school education and out-of-school childcare to support families in our community.  We offer a wide variety of play activities and learning opportunities that are great fun for all children. For Early Years we help them develop key skills defined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

We give parents back some “grown up” time too. Everyone needs some time for themselves; especially hard-working parents and sometimes you can’t fit everything in. We can help lighten the load while giving each child all the benefits of excellent childcare. We also offer the flexibility to use hours that suit your needs. These days life can be unpredictable; we all need different things at different times. At Happy Turtles, if we can fit your child in, then we will.

Sharon Watkins
Carolyn Ratcliffe
Maria Taylor
Naomi Jones
Emma Scott
Claire Rooker
Frances Jupp